There's a Q and A facebook group I used to be apart of


Those involved are in their late twenties to 50 and 99.1 percent black. I’d say there are equal amounts of men and women.

And yet..I have to have the “No one is obligated to marry someone just because you propose” conversation with these kats. I had to tell them that no woman is obligated to date…


When Black Hair Is Against the Rules

"The bias against black hair is as old as America itself. In the 18th century, British colonists classified African hair as closer to sheep wool than human hair. Enslaved and free blacks who had less kinky, more European-textured hair and lighter skin — often a result of plantation rape — received better treatment than those with more typically African features.

After Emancipation, straight hair continued to be the required look for access to social and professional opportunities. Most black people internalized the idea that their natural hair was unacceptable, and by the early 20th century wore it in straightened styles often achieved with dangerous chemical processes or hot combs, or they wore wigs.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the Black Power movement declared that “black is beautiful” — and not least unstraightened natural black hair. Soon the Afro became a popular style, first at protests and political rallies and eventually on celebrities from Pam Grier to Michael Jackson.”

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I am thoroughly angered that we are still fighting for our humanity.  We must all be involved in this fight. 

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Source - RIP Eric Gardner

It’s been more than a month since this happened, but please don’t forget Eric Gardner or his story. He can no longer tell it.

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We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”


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I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
If you don’t ask…I won’t tell.

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This is me , if wanna get to know me , u gotta ask question

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i swear this is me. I literally have three books of questions that i have access to when i talk to people, and yet, people rarely do that to me. There are very few exceptions that i just volunteer info about me, asking questions is the way to go

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you continue to hold the hands of anti black assholes if you want all I know is this


Haiti is being occupied by multi countries army of Brown people there is not pretense about. what they think about black people .. about how anti blackness drives their actions … I Weill not debate white supremacist nor will I debate anti black people. on the subject of my…


Somebody in the crowd fired a pistol and the people again started to scream hysterically, ‘Kill the niggers! Kill the niggers! Pour gasoline on the niggers!’ The mob started to throw stones on top of my car. So I opened the door of the car and I put one foot on the ground and I stood up in the door holding an Italian carbine. All this time three policemen had been standing about 50 feet away from us while we kept waiting in the car for them to come and rescue us. Then when they saw that we were armed and the mob couldn’t take us, two of the policemen started running. One ran straight to me, grabbed me on the shoulder and said, ‘Surrender your weapon! Surrender your weapon!’ I struck him in the face and knocked him back away from the car and put my carbine in his face and told him that we didn’t intend to be lynched. The other policeman who had run around the side of the car started to draw his revolver out of the holster. He was hoping to shoot me in the back. They didn’t know that we had more than one gun. One of the students (who was 17 years old) put a .45 in the policeman’s face an told him that if he pulled out his pistol he would kill him.

The policeman started putting his gun back into the holster and backing away from the car and he fell into the ditch. There was a very old man, an old white man, out in the crowd, and he started screaming and crying like a baby, and he kept crying and he said, ‘God damn, God damn what is this God damn country coming to that the niggers have got guns, the niggers are armed and the police can’t even arrest them?!’ He kept crying and somebody led him away through the crowd.

Robert F. Williams

Telling the reason why he called his book “Negros with guns.” This book had an important influence on the Black Panther Party. The quote is a selection from the book.

Several years later, Williams explains why he felt that the old white man was crying:

"It took me a long time to understand his feeling. Now I realize why he was crying. Because the gun had been the thing that had always kept them on top, and the police power. And he could see that slipping away, and his way of life was going. And this is why he was crying. And this is why I named my book "Negro’s with Guns."


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cool and relevant ppt presentation but jsyk, the term “ethnic cleansing” is a gross euphemism for “genocide”.

THIS. Thank you. This isn’t a “conflict,” this isn’t a complex issue. I was discussing it with a friend earlier - if you want to put this into perspective, view it as the modern day creation of the United States. What could only complicate this, is that it’s condoned legally and promoted through state-sponsored programs. 

THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for explaining it like this. I have googled until my fingers were blue and everything is so biased on the internet. Now….Why is America supporting Israel again?

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i learned that people can easily forget that others are human.

"prisoner" from the stanford prison experiment (1971)

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High school…


every time you meet other black people at a new job…

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'Reading Rainbow' breaks Kickstarter record for most backers


Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter campaign has the most backers ever for the online crowdfunding site.

The campaign to create a Web version of the popular children’s television show concluded with 105,857 backers and raised $5.4 million, surpassing the previous record of 91,585 backers to make a movie out of the Veronica Mars TV show.

The original goal was to raise $1 million on Kickstarter, which was reached in less than one day.

Look at God! [starts singing the theme song]

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So it turns out that even if I say no, if a company doesn’t like my answer, they’ll do it anyway. A big “fuck you” to poprageous, who I contacted last year, received a reply that essentially said “no I won’t pay you,” and then did it anyway 12 months later (I suppose she hoped I would forget about her?).

Before I replied to her first scummy email where she only says that she’d send me a FREE PAIR (oh WOW), I made a blog post

I had recently undergone other companies trying to do the same thing and her email reply to me was just nothing short of incredibly shitty. After seeing my post (which didn’t mention her company or anything) she thought it would be a good idea to send me an email trying to make ME feel bad that I didn’t just ASK for money for using my artwork. That it was on ME to ask about royalties, not about her fucking company to actually fairly pay artists or anything.

"I saw your post - what do u want to get paid? Let’s work out a royalty.  jeeeez all u had to do was ask."

Like seriously?

All I had to do was ask? That’s pretty hilarious, considering she asked, I said no, and she went ahead with it anyway.

Regardless, this is shit. Companies shouldn’t act like this. People using creator’s works just because they exist and feel like they should be able to is just absolutely bullshit.

The most appalling thing about this is seriously the fact that I said no and she did it anyway. I said no and she did it anyway.

This is how little most companies respect and regard artists. Thanks a lot, Cher Park.

Feel free to let her know that it’s not acceptable to pull this bullshit with her company email, - please don’t be rude or anything, but this is definitely not okay and she needs to not do this to other artists in the future.

Oh yes, let me not forgot to mention: she has no trace of credit on the image, this time. She posted an instagram earlier a year ago with credit to my name, but it seems she’d rather remove it so that I not find out, I guess.

Good job, Cher Park.

Oh good! There are leggings, too!

hey everybody! don’t buy this shit! fuck these guys!

Do not buy from these terrible people and spread the word that Poprageous can’t be trusted. 


Work to shut them down or at least remove the product… Should post this on Reddit if you’ve not done so already… Wider audience… Post to the chan sites as well…

They stole Black Milk’s mermaid designs as well.


Some of my favourite photographs of Diane Audrey Ngako's takeover of our instagram account.

These photos were taken during her trips to Cameroon, her home country, and Kenya.

See them all here.

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